Silverstone Adidas Half Marathon 15 March 2015With the traffic…

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Silverstone Adidas Half Marathon 15 March 2015With the traffic…

Silverstone Adidas Half Marathon 15 March 2015

With the traffic queuing back from the SIlverstone F1 circuit 6,700 runners made their way to the Adidas Half Marathon yesterday. I was among them with a goal to achieve a new PB and hopefully run a sub 2 hour half. 

It was a chilly start line and my race plan from Coach Musty was written on my arm in permanent marker “0-10 mins build to 155; 10 – 40 mins @ 160; 40 – 1:20 @ 165; 1:20 – Finish @ 170 building to the max you can sustain”.

With the all important: If you are on HR but the pace is slower then you have to make an assessment on whether you can push harder to hit 5:40s and not blow-up.

So I set off and tried to keep within the HR ranges, but to be honest, to hit the 5:40 targets I had to push myself a lot harder. My average HR for the whole race was 174 bpm and I hit a peak of 188 bpm with an overall average pace 5:41s.

The link below from training peaks below may work?

The best bits of the race were trying to chase the Runners World 1:58 pace setter, David Wier setting a new wheelchair 1 mile record, a good chat with a guy who did 2 full ironman races last year and a handsome goody bag full of unhealthy food, drink, t-shirt and medal. The less good bits were the queues in/out of the race and the bitterly cold wind blowing through the circuit.

According to my Garmin I finished 21.1km in 1 hr 59 mins and 49 seconds. My chip time was slightly over at 2:00 and 56 seconds.

I had a great day and I very pleased with my new PB. I think I will definitely return to race next year. It was as close in support and organisation to an Ironman race that I have experienced and at least it didn’t rain!

Thanks to my family for giving me time off on Mother’s Day and thanks to Coach Musty at S4F for his excellent coaching

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