Race Report: Marlow Half Iron (aka The Fugitive) The lead up to…

Published 518 days ago
Race Report: Marlow Half Iron (aka The Fugitive) The lead up to…

Race Report: Marlow Half Iron (aka The Fugitive)

The lead up to the race started the week before following Coach Musty’s plan of mini triathlons in the gym and a general taper. I also carb (beer) loaded at Day 1 of England v Pakistan and followed Precision Hydration’s plan with 1500 preload the day before the race.

To register you had to drive down to Marlow to pick up your pack and race numbers. A good idea I thought as it gave some time to check the layout and how choppy the River Thames would be for the 1.9km swim.

Race morning and after a big breakfast in transition at 6am with a real bunch of friendly guys also racing the half. Not the usual somber mood, just good spirits and lots of adrenaline/pooping yourself!

At the last minute the swim was changed to 2x1000m laps as opposed to one larger lap. The swim start was ferocious, 250+ swimmers going off at the same time, the first 500m was the most violent I have been in. Because of the lap issue I managed to punch two people squarely in the face when they were coming the opposite way! Despite the turbulent waters I was out of the swim in 43.58, my fastest ever and was on the bike loop in 46 minutes.

With 2 x 1000 Precision (750) bottles on board and some serious eating to do I was under way to the first of three bike loops.

The hills started slow and then grew and grew to 12-14%. The first time was a bit of a shock, but once I had a bit of recovery on the downhill, I settled in whilst the temperature started to soar. The excellent Hi 5 nutrition support swapped old bottles for new and I kept drinking and eating throughout.

I was back into transition at 4h 1m and set off for the run.

It was awful, the running surface alongside the Thames was lumpy, bumpy, full of walkers and really hard on the feet. I struggled on lap 1 and 3. By lap 4 I was on auto pilot; just trying to keep running. I crossed the line at 6 hours 25 mins. My fastest half to date. Special thanks to my family, coach musty’s and the S4F Tri squad support.

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