MPGQS at Bond Street Crossrail Station

Published 600 days ago
MPGQS at Bond Street Crossrail Station

Crossrail at Bond Station

Since 2010, the construction of the new Crossrail station on Bond Street has been the subject of a lot of conversations. One of the busiest shopping districts in the UK, the Elizabeth line being developed on Bond Street will help to make the lines more accessible and accommodate the massive number of people that use the lines every day. It’s an excellent and ambitious project that will cost around £300 million once complete. Making good progress, we are only a few years away from the grand opening of what is sure to be a beautiful station.

What it Will Include
The station on Bond Street is set to be open in December of 2018. Trains will run every two and a half minutes on the Elizabeth line each way – terminating at Paddington and Abbey Road. In December 2019, the final lines will be opened to the public, allowing for further travel and better access. These Elizabeth line services will run from Bond Street to Heathrow, Reading in the east, and Shenfield in the west. This provides much needed accessibility to the hundreds and thousands of people that use the lines every day and will provide greater capacity for travel.
Two new tickets halls will grace the area on street level. These will be on Davies Street (western ticket hall) and Hanover Square (eastern ticket hall). They will have a grand and spacious design, fitting in perfectly with the architecture in the area. Inside will be modern and airy, giving people plenty of room to get around and to their trains/ticket purchase areas. While the ticket halls themselves are not yet finished, the actual tunnels that will be used have been completed and are fully ready for use. With only two years to go until the opening of the first two lines, they are making excellent progress.

Current Construction
There is further detail to be given on the construction of the ticket halls and tunnels that will be used for the new station and Elizabeth Line. The Davies Street ticket hall is now structurally complete, and a 35m high ventilations shaft was recently built to improve general ventilation to the station. Feared as an eyesore, it will be covered by the property development in the area.
At the Hanover Square ticket hall and station, excavation work has recently been completed. The construction of platforms is underway and nearing the end of its building period. Frames to support the platform edge screens have nearly finished being installed. There is still a lot of work to be done at this station, and as it progresses in terms of construction we get a closer look at the finished product. It is sure to be a spectacular building.
In order to integrate the new Crossrail station with the London Underground’s Bind Street station, passenger link tunnels have been built underground so that pedestrians can reach each one on foot without worrying about dodging traffic and taking out of the way routes.

The grout shafts at Davies Mews and South Molton Lane have been decommissioned. They are reserved for pedestrian use only and motorist/pedestrian use respectively.

MPG are proud to be assisting the Contractor with MEP change and MEP Quantity Surveying Services

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