EtonMan 2015

Published 817 days ago
Votwo Eton Man Middle Distance Tri - 20.9.15 -

An early start this Sunday for my last UK triathlon this year was then hit by a fog over Eton Dorney that delayed the 50 odd athletes by almost 3 hours.

 At 9.45 we slithered into the lake for a 1.9km swim. I had a great start with some fast paced work for the first 200m and then settled in behind the legs in front to draft round most of the two laps. I was out of the water in 42 minutes and was pleased with a quick transition to the bike.

The 10 laps of the bike circuit were tough, monotonous, windy and a struggle. My heart rate throughout was far too high and whilst I started strong with an average around 30 km/hr I was getting slower and slower as the wind, my chest cold and event got to me.

 Being my first race where I spent over 3 hours in aero position also meant that I experienced some new types of discomfort round the nether regions. Some out of the saddle time was needed to get the blood flowing.

That said it was a welcome boost to see Coach Musty had turned up to support me towards the end of the bike and I had a quick T2 to the run.
 My struggle continued through the run of 4 x 5.5km laps. I kept well hydrated and fuelled but could not get up my speed without significantly elevating my HR. My wife, mother in law and kids came to support me to the finish which I crossed in 6h 29m. With an admittedly smaller turnout than last year I finished 12th in AG and 34th out of 45 overall.

Thanks to my family’s support, Coach Musty @s4f_uk, Planet X, VOTWO and Triathlon Zone another great race and good end to the season.

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